Interest Organization

LPALeague of Performers and Artists (LPA)

The LPA’s purpose is not only showcase, but also hone the raw talents of the students of the FEU Diliman community. The LPA aims to enhance the artistic perspective of the students of FEU Diliman. This organization also aims to be the place where students can feel free to express and show the talents they have.



Libro Library Organization

When some people hear the word ‘Library,’ the words ‘book lover’, ‘nerds,’ and ‘boring’ comes into their minds. The reason is, they are not interested in learning the true meaning of literature. That’s why it needs to be changed. Library Organization is not only for reading books , but it’s for making people, especially those who are less interested, change their view in reading and learning to help them commit in enhancing themselves for the better. You will be able to discover your abilities and skills. The Library Organization is for everyone.


YFC CFC Youth for Christ – FEU Diliman (CFC YFC)

CFC YFC FEU Diliman is an evangelization org that guides students through their college life. Renewing and flourishing faith of the students. Witnessing God’s work through the campuses as we renews students to be leaders with a God centered relationship. To continue the mission, CFC YFC FEU Diliman also rebuild and strengthening the relationship of family and friends.


FDAA FEU Diliman Athletics Association (FDAA)

The FEU Diliman Athletics Association (FDAA) is a sport related interest organization founded in the year 2014. With the theme “We Own Greatness,” FDAA wants the students to show their own form of greatness through playing sports. It helps students of FEU Diliman to build relationship among other students and be able to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie.



FDC FEU Diliman Crew (FDC)



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