FEU Diliman ABM Community (FDAC)

FDAC is a club that represents the high school students in FEU Diliman who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. The club was established to build a foundation of innovation and widen business literacy as it touches the high school students through seminars, tutorials, team building activities and motivators to leap on the outside world.

Literature Club (Lit)

The Literature Club aims to serve as a platform for students to express and to learn how to express themselves in deep and meaningful ways through analyzing, producing and performing literary works

STEM Strand Representatives (SSR)

The STEM Strand Representatives is committed to inspire future leaders of the society to generate ideas for the betterment of our society through implementing innovation and using one’s passion as our driver.


Novians Dance Crew (NVN)

The High School Dance Novians Club charges on with Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness in our core values. We dance for the love of community, music, art, and in thanks-giving of our God-given talent. We hold faith, commitment, and passion above all. And in close second to that, we have a lot of fun.

The Lumiere Club (LMR)

The Lumière Club is a Tamaraw's home for multimedia artists, is a club that aims to empower digital artists, filmmakers, and photographers of the FEU Diliman community

High School Student Coordinating Council (HS SCC)

The HS SCC provides different avenues for students to hone their innate potential towards success, support and assist in showcasing talents inside and outside the school, and produce an environment where concerns are heard and addressed.