Alliance of Information Technology (AITS)

An organization of FEU - Diliman that is composed of IT students who are immensely interested in the field of information technology such as digital arts, game development and software engineering. Its primary goal is to deliver and assist its members to become more engaged and be aware in the field of information and computing sciences. Moreover, its goal as an IT organization is to conduct activities that will hone the artistic, technical, and critical thinking skills of its members and to contribute to the mission and vision of the school.

Junior Finance Executives (JFINEX)

An organization that aims to build a foundation of camaraderie and widen financial literacy as it touches financial management students through seminars, tutorials, team building activities and motivators to leap on the outside world.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

An organization that represents the young accountants of FEU Diliman. It is an organization established to develop its members as responsible, well-rounded individuals. Moreover, the organization is instituted to promote, to organize, and to coordinate activities for the welfare of the students and to nurture them not just a good student but to their community as well. JPIA is a special and highly esteemed organization of the FEU Diliman which is created only and exclusively for the students of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA).

Junior Marketing Association (JMA)

An organization that promotes continuous innovation. It is an organization that creates leaders through excellent events. It spearheads worthwhile activities and projects that assists every marketing management student to achieve their full potential. JMA will serve as a family of every marketing student inside FEU Diliman and promote camaraderie among its members.

Operations Management Students’ Association (OMSA)

OMSA is realizing the need for an organization to serve as a medium of expression of our ideals and aspirations to promote and protect the welfare and interest of BSBA Operations Management students, to assert a dynamic and responsible student and to strengthen the common ties that bind us, in a manner that shall be decided upon by the members of OMSA.


Library Organization (LibrO)

The members of the organization realize to make an organization that will help in promoting the significance of our college library.

Student Coordinating Council (SCC)

SCC is the supreme tertiary student organization of FEU Diliman, the power of which emanates from the student body. It is the sole, unified, autonomous, and democratic representative body of the students. The organization envisions itself as an organization that produces service-oriented leaders with Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness. Moreover, it also ensures that students excel both in academic activities and in their skill of interest. Their mission is to go beyond learning by being of help to the community.


Artist Connection (AC)

AC is the home of student performing artists in FEU Diliman. The group houses talents of dancers, singers, instrumentalists, actors/actresses, poets, scriptwriters, and directors. It aims to discover a new breed of talents and develop them to be equipped when they perform in institutional activities and also compete in competitions. AC is composed of three subgroups; the League of Performers and Artists (LPA) which handles the singers and instrumentalists, the FEU Diliman Dance Crew (FDDC) which trains future dancers of the school, and the Theater Guild (TG) which develops students who have interests in acting, poetry making, script-writing and directing.

Campus Youth Multifaith Ministry (CYM)

CYM provides the opportunity for students to enhance their faith and spirituality and find greater meaning to their lives. It is open to students of all religious traditions and those who may not belong to a church, mosque or temple but want to explore their relationship with God in community. CYM involves fun, prayer, conversation, a good meal together to connect and time with each other to discuss how faith is a strength and resource in the struggle of the frantic pace and demands of a student.

The Innovator (INNOV)

INNOV is the official school publications of FEU Diliman. It is a training ground for aspiring photographers, videographers, graphic artists, writers, vloggers and filmmakers. The group doesn't only covers school related events but also provides workshops and seminars to further enhance the skills in multimedia. INNOV have four sub groups; the Zoom Productions which handles the photographers and videographers, the Graphics Guild which develops the talents of students in terms of digital arts and animation, the ICON which trains students to become writers of different news, feature and editorial articles, the Tams-Up Guild where students grow to be vloggers and filmmakers.