Senior High School


The ABM strand equips the students with essential fundamental concepts on business specialized courses.

ABM Specialization - Accountancy

Accountancy complies with the latest competency framework in the field of accounting

ABM Specialization - Business Administration

Business Administration utilizes an integrated approach to study the interrelationships among the different functional areas of business


The STEM strand aims to inculcate in students various theories and concepts in Science and Mathematics.

STEM Specialization - Information Technology

IT offers specialized subjects including Computing and Information Technology Fundamentals, Design and Animation, and Foundation of Programming.

STEM Specialization - Engineering

Engineering offers specialized subjects for STEM Engineering include Introduction to Mechatronics and Introduction to Vehicle Design.

STEM Specialization - Health Allied

Health Allied focuses on developing skills that will equip learners to be practitioners of the health sector.


GAS offers students an interdisciplinary learning experience from various academic strands which is ideal for students who would like to deepen their liberal arts and social science preparation.


HUMSS enhances the students knowledge and proficiency on subjects specializing in Social Sciences and Languages.

Sports Track

FEU Diliman has a tradition of excellence in sports and athletics.