Posted: 2021-07-10

Certified public accountant and FEU Diliman alumnus Remy Pendon had always wanted to showcase the talents and skills of Tamaraws. Even as a student, Remy already aspired to make a name for his school through the awards and recognitions he received. A few years later, he now works as a professor in his beloved alma mater and through this job, he continues to find ways to empower and expose the potential of students. 

I’m not only doing this because I want FEU Diliman to participate in various competitions. I also want to create a culture of mentorship,” Remy explained. 

In fact, just recently, Remy couldn’t hide his positive emotions when the Accountancy team of FEU Diliman was able to bag awards in multiple local competitions. Among those who competed was a freshman student named Mark Tabasan who won as one of the top scorers in the Taxation category of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) - NCR’s "Magnify - The Phenomena: Dawn of the Luminous Minds in the Accounting Sphere".

(Photo courtesy of FEU Diliman Student Coordinating Council FB page)

I was so shocked that a freshman student won in Tax even though he does not have this subject in school yet! I was really surprised and even didn’t want to believe it at first,” Remy explained.

Thankfully, through focused training and mockup quiz bees, Mark became ready and equipped to ace the competition. 

I was expecting to win in other categories but it’s never in my list that I could actually win in Taxation because I just answered based on my past experience. And when I found out that I won, it’s like I was on cloud nine because this was seriously unexpected,” he said.

Mark also shared that reading and watching tax-related news have helped him level up his game.

If you have time, read and comprehend tax-related laws, basic principles of tax, and news about tax reforms. In taxation, you don’t have to memorize everything word-by-word. You just have to connect it with our society, specifically in real-life situations,” he added.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the only award that FEU Diliman received. During another competition hosted by JPIA titled “Bet in a Million: The JPIAN's Gambit NCR 2021”, Tamaraws won again as 2nd Runner Up. Mark was part of the team as well but this time, he was joined by sophomore student Heart Pecson and junior student Arsyl Jales.

(Photo courtesy of FEU Diliman Student Coordinating Council FB page)

I decided to join these competitions because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more and to test my knowledge in a different and fun way,” Heart said.

Apart from this achievement, Heart also won as one of the top scorers of the Annual Grand Summit Cups Jr. of JPIA.


Heart always wanted to be an accountant. It was a childhood dream that she held on strongly. So when the time came that she must decide for a course in college, Heart already knew what to write in the application form.

As an ABM student in Senior High, I had a glimpse of what the Accounting world is like. This moment in my life made me realize why I should really consider Accountancy because I find it exciting, challenging, and fun to learn. Now, I can really say that I love learning Accountancy and it is my passion,” she said.