Posted: 2019-03-26

Students are so prone to procrastinate and who can blame them? Distractions are everywhere from social media, online games, and Netflix that give instant pleasure and temporary break from the stressful school work.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. It kills productivity and results to unpleasant consequences in the long run that could hurt school performance and even your character.

So here are helpful tips from experts on how to beat this bad habit:

Know why you're procrastinating

In order to address the problem effectively, you have to identify the feelings, behaviors, and situation when you feel like procrastinating. Workplace Psychologist Christine Allen advises to note down these factors. Often perfectionism, which we may experience as anxiety, underlies the tendency to postpone action. Once you understand your pattern, you can hold yourself accountable in a positive and self-compassionate way.

Accept no excuses

Waiting for the "right mood" or "right time" will not help you get started with your tasks. You have to stop making excuses. Instead, like that popular sportswear brand says, "JUST DO IT."

Break it down

Major projects can be overwhelming, so we tend to set them aside for a while. Instead of working on one big task at a given time, break it down into chunks of concrete tasks. This will help reduce anxiety and help you get started.

Call a friend

According to John M. Connor, Executive Career Coach at Career Pro Inc., being accountable to another person helps a lot in shaping professional skills. Search for someone willing to help you stick with your commitment. "Ask for help and let that person know you will do the same for them," he noted.

Turn it off

If you want to get things done you have to focus on them. So, avoid distractions. Turn off your phone, log-out from social media, avoid doing your tasks anywhere near the TV, disconnect from the internet as these demand for your time and attention.